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I have researched studies that tackle how the community gives importance to the urban biodiversity. Although I cannot show all the actions made by different city and other urban places, it represents that even small community can do something to improve and conserve the biodiversity in the urban. I have only researched notable actions made by city officials. One of these is the Singapore which is relatively small in terms of land area compared to other countries.
When it comes to discovering new species, the urban is always full of surprises. In the land of Singapore, a lot of biologists are delighted because of the discoveries found there. Because of that, Singapore takes the biodiversity more seriously than any other city in the world. Its tropical location becomes a biological advantage that helps build a connection between the urban place and the natural environment. To make their land look more habitable and luring, the Singaporeans think of fostering plants, animal, and even marine creatures. This move became successful as they launched a 40-hectare marine park. The marine park is enclosed with parcels of land and water around the small islands known as Sisters’ Islands. Many activities are planned to establish in the said marine park in the near future.
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It is composed of indicators to measure and rate how cities are able to increase their native species, how they conserve habitats from habitat degradation and fragmentation, and how they involve community and the government officials. The Singapore Index is proven effective as it is currently used by 80 cities around the world. People often stereotype that biodiversity exist only in protected areas but they are definitely wrong. The biodiversity conservation needs to be applied also in a wider landscape. Since then, Singapore started to rediscover species that were once considered extinct

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