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Although creating a garden in urban areas where every inch counts can prove to be quite challenging, it isn’t a mission impossible. Undoubtedly, urban gardens make people feel connected with nature. Actually, urban gardens are not only trendy, they offer a way to improve the environment we live it. Generally, having an urban garden means a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to creating urban gardens, whether to simply relax or grow your own vegetables, apart from backyards and side yards, balconies and rooftops should be definitely considered. Vertical designs are another option to explore. However, to make the most of the available space, careful planning is needed. In addition, when short on space, incorporating movable containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes is a…show more content…
A pergola with climbing vines, a water feature, raised beds, wooden benches…Definitely a functional space with tons of charm and personality! Vertical Gardens When the available space is extremely tiny, going vertical might prove to be the only solution to create a garden. Whether it comes to growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers, DIY vertical pallet gardens are a favorite choice. Wherever positioned/attached on a wall or an ugly fence to hide it/, pallet gardens offer functionality, color, visual interest, and appeal. Note that cascading plants on the upper levels lend a pallet garden a stunning look. However, there is an array of other options to create a vertical garden, such as stacked pots or crates, hanging soda bottles, and more. In the picture above, a pallet garden complemented by beautiful pots with succulents enliven this tiny space. Living in an urban area, but dreaming of having a garden? Remember, no space is too small to become a garden. With some creativity, planning, and research, any piece of unused space can be transformed into a dream-come-true

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