Essay On Urban Land Use System

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INTRODUCTION URBAN LAND USED SYSTEM Urban land use system means the system which manages the land area in urban cities. The land in urban areas should plan very well to mitigate the issues that arise in the future. Planning of buildings, roads, highways, rail ways, ports, stations and flyovers has to be planned under this system. It is very important to plan the urban land properly by placing the infrastructures in the proper places because wrong management plans will creates huge cost for the economy. TRANSPORTATION Transportation means moving goods or people from one place to another place. With the increase of the population, transportation came in to consideration both in passenger and freight transportation. Transportation in urban cities has to meet…show more content…
In a situation like this the responsible parties should manage these kinds of complex situations effectively. When the economy as well as the cities gets larger the complexity in these urban areas also gets large. There are many challengers that will create when the urbanization takes place. They are; • TRAFFIC CONGESTION This is the most important challenge that we must consider because this will lead to many other challengers. With the increase of population the number of vehicles in the urban areas will also increase, but if the land area won’t get expand it will lead to traffic congestion. This is a huge negative impact on the country’s economy. The main negative impact from traffic congestion is the wastage of fuel, energy. Other than that; wastage of time, difficulties in parking, less efficiency and effectiveness are some negative impacts of traffic congestions. • HIGH MAINTANANCE COST To meet the higher urbanization and higher population new infrastructure has to be provided and as well as has to upgrade the current
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