Essay On Urban Migration

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Introduction Migration is movement of people to another place, which results in their permanent or temporal settlement on the location, which is different from the original one. They are often related to economic activities as many of those people move to urban areas, hoping there they could have better living conditions and economic stability. These movements have significantly changed the demographic, social, political, cultural and linguistic face of cities worldwide. Also, effects are highly visible in the immigration centers around the world, which in recent years include not only global cities, but small provincial location as well. As stated in the UN report, world’s urban population grows by more than 1.5% per year, and in developing countries almost double more. Since both rates are rather high, it is expected that by the 2020, world’s rural population will completely stop growing and start to decline. In fact, world’s urban population will continue to grow simply because current small towns and villages will attract more, new people and number of their inhabitants will grow over time. Likewise, migrations towards urban areas will increase as economies grow, thus making the chance of employment and higher incomes easier and more possible…show more content…
These cover wide range of humanitarian crises, rapid urbanization problems linked to uncontrolled slum growth, etc. Following in this paper, causes of migrations and peoples mobility will be explored and elaborated through several differently initiated cases. Essay will start with the gentrification driven migrations, which took place in the old city of Beijing, following willing relocation of the family in Matamoros, Mexico. Another two examples will elaborate and show the consequences of environmentally driven migrations after the disasters in the northeast Japan in 2011, and hurricane Katrina in New
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