Essay On Urbanization In Pakistan

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Introduction and problem back ground
Urbanization is an uprising fact that is increasing with full pace in almost every region of the world including Pakistan. The urban population is likely to increase nearly 50%in 2030 that is 33% at the present stage in Pakistan, shows that the country which was known as rural, now changing its patterns to urban with multiple factors. However the major part of Pakistan’s population is concentrated in the urbanized metropolitan cities and each city has its own development authority with the number of Town Municipal Administrations for the implementation of the laws and bye as well as the approval and monitoring of development activities comes in their sphere of activities.
Literature Review

There are studies and researches done, regarding the urban planning and development, urban policies, formal and informal sectors in housing and real estate in Pakistan and also
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the lack of consultation in existing documents of planning ,development and about their guidelines and the approval of projects without considering the slandered planning principles and practices are the reasons of unplanned growing of cities and towns in Pakistan are

As discussed above, Pakistan lacks behind in urban development not only in appropriate policy making and guide line but also the weak legislation of the subject of town and urban planning. Now it’s more appropriate to discuss urban planning and development at local and town level in

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