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Ramesh Godara & Chandra Kala Jangid
Urbanization or Urban Drift is the physical growth of urban areas as a result of global change.. It is a long term process.
At the moment, India is among the countries of low level of urbanization. Number of urban agglomeration/town has grown from 1827 in 1901 to 5161 in 2001. Number of population residing in urban areas has increased from 2.58 crores in 1901 to 28.53 crores in 2001. Only28% of population was living in urban areas as per 2001 census. Over the years there has been continuous concentration of population in class I towns.
On the contrary the concentration of population in medium and small towns either fluctuated or declined. The graduation of number of urban centers from lower population size categories to class I cities has resulted top heavy structure of urban population in India. India 's urbanization is often termed as over urbanization, pseudo- urbanization. The big cities attained
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Over 54% of the world 's population now lives in urban areas, creating 80% of global GDP, consuming two-thirds of global energy and accounting for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to World Bank data not included in this report. Nearly a billion urban dwellers are poor and deprived of decent housing and basic services.

Difination of urban area in india
Urban areas have been recognized as “engines of inclusive economic growth”. Of the 121 crore Indians, 83.3 crore live in rural areas while 37.7 crore stay in urban areas, i.e approx 32 % of the population. The census of India, 2011 defines urban settlement as :-
All the places which have municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee
All the other places which satisfy following criteria :
a. A minimum population of 5000 persons ;

b. At least 75 % of male main working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits ; and

c. A density of population of at least 400 persons per square

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