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. Bladder fills to capacity and the nerves send messages to the brain, causing the first sensation of the need to void.
3. As empties voluntary, the individual takes a conscious decision to delay the toilet or voiding. If the toilet happens, the pressure increase muscle in the bladder, causing the bladder to contract, and urethra sphincter and pelvic muscles to relax.
4. Revocation happens. To maintains continence, and must have the bladder pressure less than the pressure inside the urethra.

Acute urinary retention (AUR) is not sudden and complete ability to void despite the presence in urine bladder and desire (the sense of desire) to urinate. In acute care facilities,AUR is seen in patients after surgery is referred to as urinary retention
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The severity ranging from leaks sometimes urine when you cough or sneeze to having the desire to urinate and this is a very sudden and strong you do not get to the toilet in time.
If incontinence affects your activities daily, do not hesitate to see a doctor. For most people, it can change a simple lifestyle or medical treatment relieves discomfort or stop incontinence.
Risk factors which increase of urinary incontinence include:
Sex: They are more prone to stress incontinence women. Men who suffer from prostate problems are at increased risk of desire and incontinence surplus.
Age: As you get older, the muscles in the bladder and urethra lose some of its strength. Changes with age reduces the amount of the bladder can hold, and increases the chances of involuntary release of urine.
Overweight: Excess weight increases the pressure on the urinary system and allowing urine leaks when you cough or sneeze.
Other diseases: A neurological disease or diabetes may increase the risk of urinary incontinence.
Urinary Incontinence can be getting by everyday habits, health status or physical problems. A thorough evaluation by your doctor can help to determine what is behind your

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