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Usain Bolt article analysis In lots of articles bias can be found. Bias can be explained as letting your view be influenced by your own opinions and emotions. Many media use bias as a way to attract readers, because the readers would like to read articles which agree with their opinion. Bias can also attract readers because emotive and sensational language is used. This type of language makes reading the article more exciting. I analysed bias in a newspaper article of the Sun about Usain Bolt. In the beginning in the article the writer is clearly biased in favour of Usain Bolt. This bias is revealed in his use of emotive language, for example: ‘Usain Bolt was helped to triple Olympic gold success by dating stunning model Megan Edwards.’ Triple Olympic Gold success speaks to readers because Olympic gold shows that Usain Bolt is really a world class athlete. This use of emotive language is also visible in the following example: ‘WORLDS fastest man, Usain Bolt,’ The words world’s fastest man immediately speaks to the reader because it implies how there is certainly no better sprinter than Usain Bolt, because of the use of World. The same can be said about ‘sprint king.’ Mainly the word king states that Usain Bolt is currently dominating the sprint-scene, for the he word king…show more content…
In the article Megan Edwards is described as ‘a stunning British model.’ Mainly the word stunning leaves a big impression, because it is a very powerful word and the use of it gives the impression that Megan is very beautiful. Also the word model is important, because it also suggests that Megan is very beautiful. Megan Edwards is also described in the article as ‘gorgeous Megan, 22,’ again there is said how beautiful Megan is by the use of the word gorgeous. This is again an emotive word in the sense that it is a step bigger than simply
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