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Chapter 1 1.0 Introduction With the invention of the television, the way we receive information have changed drastically. In the past, people rely on newspaper and the radio to receive news of what is happening around the world. Entertainment then was just limited to radio broadcasts. Today, with the new media, we are presented with numerous platforms from where we can choose to receive such news. As such, a huge emphasis has been placed on responsible media reporting to ensure that what we are receiving are of quality and substance. We can understand media reporting as a journalistic reporting of gathering and assessing of information in a professional way and then distribute the gathered information in an appropriate and timely manner through the use of writing, photos, charts, audio and video in a…show more content…
In most of the movies and TV series, the usage of drugs is mostly to keep the actions going on-screen, using it as a crime plot device. In some cases, drugs are also used as a tool to depict funny scenes with the effects from consumption, not as a health or any other serious issues. Drugs can be often depicted on screen as a tool used by a character, which the aftermath effects are resulted as exaggeration and unreal. The usage of drugs is legal and sometimes it is what the actors have to take, in order to achieve during certain situations and roles. Brief intro on number of movies with drug content There are many movies and some TV series depicting and glamorizing the use of drugs. In the black comedy crime movie film, ‘Pulp Fiction’, John Travolta acted as Vincent Vega whereby in one of the scenes, he was unzipping a bag while holding a needle. The sound effect of him lighting up his lighter and the burning of the heroin on a metal spoon then eventually shows that Vega was injecting himself with the needle filled with heroin. One of the popular crime dramas TV series like ‘Breaking Bad’, a high

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