Essay On Using Cell Phones In School

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III. There are some arguments against using cell phones during class hours. Cell phones are very unstoppable to the students and it should not be use to them inside the classroom. What can we do? Well, there are many things we can do when a cell phone is found on a student. The phone will be confiscated and a phone home will be required. The child doesn 't need a cell phone; the school has one in almost every room. We are preparing for the students to a better life. If parents prepare their children for their future after school, the parents should allow the children to use good tools for the children so that they have a better life after school. By the time, their children enter to their professions; time comes that they need to use even…show more content…
Students need to participate in class and have pay attention to the teacher who is there, discussing in front. Using cell phones in class can waste their time in class discussions. The reason why the students will went to school so that the students will have knowledge and prepare for their future. Recent research has revealed that texting (in class, in meetings, at dinner) has become a significant problem in the United States. A recent university study found that 90% of college students surveyed admitted texting during class. Some even admitted sending messages during tests (Mockingbird5,2009). This abuse has led some teachers to ban their cell phones during classes and during their examination, because this can cause cheating. Other teachers in school informed to the students that if he or she saw someone using cell phones during examination, the owner of that cell phone will be automatically drop or receive fail in her/his test paper. Allowing cell phones in school is a danger to the education of students (Clark,A.,2006). The banning of cell phones is best interest of the students; it will help student’s excel their grades. So, the schools should have rules to have the students a quality education.
Cell phones have definitely become fixtures in present-day life for most people. Phones continue to be upgraded with extraordinary technology that makes them even more attractive and engaging. With their widespread use, this debate will continue. There are people who
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