Cell Phones In School Essay

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¨Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggg,¨ the school bell rings, as homeroom begins. You grab your phone out of your pocket and you look through your phone. As you are staring at your screen, the teacher sees you from her desk, she addresses you for having your phone and takes it away. Many people have been debating the issue of using cell phones in school. Having phones in class can be a disruption and distraction in the classroom. However, they can be useful and extremely helpful in the classroom because they can be used to test students on self-discipline, they are helpful for studying and learning, and communication in emergency situations and when a student needs help.
First of all, cell phones are essential in the classroom because they are a great
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On the opposite side, according to child psychologists, overuse of cell phones can create isolation; and the lack of physical recreation can lead to obesity and even depression. To begin, Cheryl Cirelli of LovetoKnow stated in her article, Pros of Cellphones in School, “that cell phones are great substitutes for computers in a lacking classroom.” We should allow students to have their phones with them at school, and use them for school purposes. Next, “students should have the ability to access the internet when necessary during class,” states in the same article written by University Wire. Cell Phones are very helpful to access the internet, and they are small so they fit into our pockets and can be easily accessed. Thirdly, Natalie Milman, an education technology professor, states in USA Today’s article "The kids taught us a lesson: They 're still going to bring their phones anyway, so let 's allow them to use them in a constructive way.” This suggests that schools should allow students to use their phones at school, for school since they are bringing them anyway. As a result, even though having cell phones and abusing that privilege can be harmful to our bodies, if we use them in constructive ways it can help students with their school
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