Essay On Utnapishtim In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh Hero: Not only are the gods distinctive in the two stories, but the heroes of the stories also show contradicting moral views. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the hero of the flood happens to be Utnapishtim because of his supposedly prized traits. While the reason Utnapishtim is selected by the gods is not fully understood, the gods’ actions hint to the possibility that it is only by his enduring loyalty that he is chosen to survive, and not by his commendable character. Ea’s logic behind giving Utnapishtim the dream is to reveal light on the situation. This is seen when Ea is stating, “I caused the exceedingly devout one to see dreams, he heard the decision of the gods' than as 'the exceedingly wise one” (11. 187). Compassion then seems to be the only logical explanation for his survival. Utnapishtim also proposes to be a favorable person because of his submissive attitude towards his gods. However, Utnapishtim is obedient to the gods in immoral ways. This is displayed when he manipulates the other inhabitants of the land. In order to be faithful to his gods, he must go as…show more content…
Reasonably, at a first glance it is difficult to determine what separates the two pieces because of the similar themes highlighted in each story. Yet, by taking a closer look at the two texts the reader will discover the countless contradicting details and moral views that take place in both. Also, it is seen that when compared to the truth of the Biblical story of Noah, the Epic of Gilgamesh appears to loose reliability and accuracy. Even still, there are many disputes that question where the source of the two narratives originate from. However, even though there is an undeniable connection between the two literary works, when closely evaluated it can be determined that there are significant variations that make it less likely that Genesis is reliant on the Epic of
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