Essay On Utopian Society

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Chapter 1.0
"The day a utopian community died." – claimed by postmodern architect Charles Jencks to mark. Great ideal and characters always appear at different era, contributing our society and the world. Even the best, there are also have failed time in the past and not remain today. With the growing of human society, peoples are always wanted to create a perfect place to live since the past. The term utopia was coined in Greek by Sir Thomas More for his 1516 book Utopia, describing Atlantic Ocean with a fictional island society. A utopia can be defined as a society possessing highly desirable or perfect place, or any visionary system of political or social perfection.
Modernist and Modern Architects were concerned with creating a Utopian City, and therefore a Utopian society. Utopian fervor was led by The carnage of the First World War; In the mid 1920s, as the economy of post-war was improved, Modernists utopian desire was stronger to create a better world began to take shape. Avant-garde, Modernist design moved to a wider audience from little-seen exhibitions or small circulation magazines.
Various theories and experiments have been carried out repeatedly from the previous to the present, there are many examples of failed and successful. Due to the development of technology
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Modernist architect brought new materials and technologies to India, pioneering development of the future architecture in India. Anglo-Indian architects were practiced by Le Corbusier and Louis Khan, thus high profile names brought in to help promote a modern Indian. Buildings of the 20th century play a large and important role of India 's built environment, it is important for economic, environmental and conservation. Since then, more and more buildings and structures are made of reinforced concrete, not only these, civil engineering works such as road and bridges. More mundane items was also been extensively employed such as lamps , fence posts, and
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