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The geographical location of Uttar Pradesh is responsible for the rich and cultural heritage it carries. In terms of area, it occupies the largest portion of the northern part of India. The state shares its boundaries with the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand and Nepal in the north. It was the land of the Mughal empires. The state was dominated by the Mughal rulers who ruled India between 16tn and 18th century. The rich cultural heritage dates back to old centuries and the buildings and monuments still resemble their significance. One of the most renowned monuments The “Taj Mahal” is located on the banks of Yamuna River in Agra. This portrays the rich architectural habitats that are located I this part of India.
Mughal Culture is still in existence as most of the colonies and societies have adapted in the
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The state is known for its famous traditional dance forms and is the dwelling place for the most dedicated music gharans that exist in several different regions of this state. The existence of the ethnic culture is exhibited by the traditional festivals that are a delight for explorers. The rich culture of Uttar Pradesh is depicted by the spicy mughal cuisine and the dresses that are adorned by the people. The families and the lifestyle of the people residing in this state have the most unique cultures and customs that date back to old centuries.
The rich and ethnic cultural can be seen from the dressing style of the people of the different regions of Uttar Pradesh. The men and women both adore a different taste in terms of dress. The dresses are mostly traditional clothes. Women generally prefer to wear saree and men are seen in traditional outfits such as dhoti or lungi. The speciality of the dress for men is that they like to wear a head gear which looks like a pagri or topi, as termed in Indian

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