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The Eight-Cylinder Engine The V shaped eight-cylinder internal combustion engine has been around for about two hundred years and it has proven itself throughout time. People say that more cylinders may equal more power or less cylinders may equal greater fuel efficiency. Well Henry Ford had better ideas that sprouted new industries in creating a popular and powerful (for its time) V8 engine. Henry Ford was a key person in the V8’s history. Ford also hated Chevy so he wouldn’t use the V6 (V shaped block with only six cylinders) design that Chevy had. A V8 engine can be fuel efficient, powerful, and fun to mess around with. The V shaped eight-cylinder engine is very complicated but is very easy construct or easy to fix if understood. The most…show more content…
If the engine is fuel injected the fuel is mixed with air right before it goes into the engine and if the engine is carbureted then the fuel is mixed shortly after airs point of entry. “Fuel is burned inside the engine that makes the pistons move up and down; it’s a joint effort because the pistons fire at different times so that all the pistons keep moving” (Beneficial Books & Video 6:01-6:31). The internal combustion engine is a scientific experiment that has been perfected. Every V8 engine that there is today is an example of its relatives although many engines are just updated with electronics because the blocks of the engines have stayed the same. This video was used because it came from a factual source and it is very knowledgeable on this subject. In the modern era, most V8’s are fuel injected and the engines are computer controlled with sensors throughout the engine that monitor performance. As you know there were lots of people who love modifying engines to their full potential but the key people were the
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