Against Vaccination Research Paper

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Editor, This letter is to express the importance and support of vaccinations for adults and children. Vaccinations were created to protect against dangerous communicable diseases. This can be observed in past history when during the times of early colonial America, the smallpox virus spread quickly among growing populations. The smallpox disease killed as almost as many as half of those who caught it. When one of the earliest forms of immunization, also known as inoculation, it was revealed that immunizing people did help reduce the number of deaths. The debate as to the safety of vaccinations is as old as vaccinations. The vaccinations were created to in hopes of protection against dangerous communicable diseases. Time, statistics and evidence has been proved that vaccinations do work. Vaccinations serve one purpose, to save people by reducing the risk of infections and contracting diseases. If people do not get vaccinated, protection is not guaranteed and the risk of irreversible health problems or death is inevitable. Today choosing to be vaccinated or not is a choice. However, the choice can either harm or save others from health risks. Contagious diseases such as…show more content…
Vaccinations help reduce the risk of infections and contracting diseases by having the immune system produce antibodies that fight the disease without causing the disease. Getting a vaccine can help keep a disease from spreading by reducing the number of people who can catch the disease. If a portion of a community is vaccinated against a disease and an outbreak occurs, there is still some protection for the people who didn’t get vaccinated because it is contained. This is known as community immunity. Vaccination is not just for children. Vaccines are safe and protect you and protect from vaccine preventable diseases. By getting vaccinated, preventable infections decrease and people can be

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