Essay On Vaccine Should Be Mandatory

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Influenza has killed billions of people and the vaccines help to decrease to only thousands. Influenza vaccines should be mandatory in this country because of many reasons. It should be permanent because it may impact the country social, economic and moral. Influenza is a disease that killed millions of people in the world, including one of the world's biggest country, USA. It can cause high fever, headache, vomit, muscle ache, and cause respiratory symptoms(a cough, sore throat) Even it seem not to be serious, it already killed millions of people.

Firstly, making vaccination mandatory can impact society in positive ways. It impacts the society because fewer people may die from influenza, including lowering the chance that someone may lose people they care about. As American Academy of Pediatrics said, “Vaccines work very well. Millions of children have been protected against serious illnesses because they were immunized. Most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing diseases” (Why Immunize Your Child). This organization clearly said that vaccines help people from getting sick and almost everyone’s immune system will protect the body from viruses and influenza. Also, influenza can spread easily through air and water. Without having a vaccination, the flu may come into the peaceful country, it will be too late to fix because if the person with influenza sneezes outside or share his/her personal stuff with others,
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Vaccination will help the country in lots of ways including, socially, economically and safety of the country. Our country should do vaccination because if we don’t, the citizen may get sick and the country may suffer lots of things. The country may suffer from every get sick, the economic might die if lots of citizen needs treatment in hospital. Vaccines are very safe and there are no reasons not to vaccination. In conclusion, we should make the vaccination
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