Essay On Vaccines Should Be Mandatory

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The discussion on whether or not vaccinating a child should be mandatory is clear. Vaccines should be mandatory because of their benefits for the direct family of the child. Most will think and claim that vaccines are only helpful to the child, but what it overlooked countless of times is the effect on the families of these children. For instance, a younger sibling can be even more protected if their older brother or sister never exposes them to certain diseases or illnesses. The parents never have to worry about the younger children of the family contracting an illness if they are never exposed to it in the first place. In fact one establishment even said that “If your vaccine-primed immune system stops an illness before it starts, you will be contagious for a much shorter period of time, or perhaps not at all.…show more content…
They can do so with much better ease if some of the children/people present have not taken sufficient precautions such as receiving their vaccinations. It would essentially be apart of distributing a potentially deadly infection if children were not up-to-date with their vaccinations or vaccinated in general. One researcher wrote that “If the decision to refuse vaccination only affected the individual, then refusal would be permissible, but refusing vaccination puts others in harm 's way” (Bailey). By not getting vaccinations, it would not only put oneself in danger, but the people that came into contact with that individual would also be a high risk. The likelihood of either getting or spreading infection is would be substantially greater than if the individual in question would get protected. For example, if one child in a family of four, who did not receive their vaccinations, contracted an illness from another child or adult, then by interaction with perhaps a younger sibling would could potentially give that illness to their sibling just through minor

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