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Vaginal dryness is known to affect many women although they don’t bring up the topic to the doctors. The walls of vagina stay lubricated due to a thin layer of clear fluid. Estrogen hormone maintains and keeps the lining of the vagina elastic, healthy and thick. During menopause, drops of Estrogen levels reduces the moisture that is available and make the vagina less elastic and thinner which is normally referred to as vaginal atrophy.Estrogen levels can drop when breastfeeding, after treatment of cancer, after surgical removal of ovaries, after going treatment for endometriosis and uterine fibroids, douching, lack of enough foreplay before intercourse, allergy, Sjogren’s syndrome and cold medications. No matter what the cause is, vaginal dryness is well known to be extremely uncomfortable since it can lead to painful intercourse, itching and burning. Symptoms Vaginal dryness is usually accompanied by the following symptoms and signs: · Pain when having sex Pain will occur since your vagina is drier and smaller thus it is less likely to be lubricated during sexual intercourse. Skin which is around your vagina is more…show more content…
Insufficient arousal In many cases, dryness of a vagina is caused by sexual problems such as low libido with your partner. If your partner has poor performance on bed or if he has early ejaculation, it can highly contribute to vaginal dryness. Irritants Many women are allergic to some hygiene products, perfumes and dyes. There are possibilities of irritants on some things like towels and underwear. Other allergens can include objects that are placed in the vagina and lubricant materials. Anxiety Emotional and psychological factors such as anxiety and stress can lead to vaginal dryness when normal lubrication doesn’t occur. Often, when a woman is anxious, her blood flow will be insufficient.

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