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Introduction- Education is the vehicle of knowledge, self-preservation and success. Education not only gives us a platform to succeed, but also the knowledge of social conduct, strength, character and self respect. The greatest gift education gives us is the knowledge of unconditional love and a set of values.
These values include the simple difference between right and wrong, a belief in God, the importance of hard work and self respect. Education is a continuous learning experience, learning from people, learning from success and failures, learning from leaders and followers and then growing up to be the person we are meant to be.
Value based education is a threefold development of any individual of any gender and age, but most importantly of a child. Education tries to develop three
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Value based education imparts social, moral, integrity, character, spirituality and many more. It builds the qualities of humility, strength and honesty in a person. They become better citizens of a country. People with high ethical values will never cheat others. People are taught to co-operate with each other. They make their life happier and works hard to make others happy.
Our history and mythology taught us of excellent values education. We, the Indians, talk loud of our cultural heritage, we talk a lot of the characters of Ram, Krishna, Raja Harishchandra, Sita, Savitri and for that matter many more, Buddha, Mahavir, Kabir, Raidas, Chaitanya, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramanujan. Good that India have these great men—god heads and godly as a part of our heritage. We have not to go out anywhere to seek for ideals. We have them all in our mythology and history. But what is needed is that they be not decorations on our walls but should be a source of enlightenment within. And how would that enlightenment come—from where and in what

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