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Is the value and quality of work in America bad? Some might answer yes, considering that only 38% of its population have employment with a full-time job of 35 hours or more in a week (citation). In the United States of America, the average working age is sixteen. At this age, possessing a job expresses the freedom of choice that many teenagers wish to have. As these adolescents progress through life, having a job becomes less of a choice and more of a need. A job produces larger sums of money which one can use to provide for oneself and family. After adolescence, adults will work until the retirement age of about 65 years of age where, theoretically, would face less work. The real value of work in America is determined from the job and the journey and methods Americans face in order to be able to work. The real value of a job is determined by one’s…show more content…
Personally, I feel that the “real value” of work is more of a combination of the viewpoints mentioned above. I think that the “real value” or work comes from the effort one uses to advance themselves in life. I also think that how one feels about their work and standings in society plays a big role in the value of work. In “The “Busy Trap”” by Tim Kreider, Kreider states that "busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness" (Kreider 983). Kreider also states that when one removes themselves from their environment that they become less "busy." The idleness is "necessary to getting any work done" (Kreider 985). These words resonate with me because it accurately describes society today. Everyone is busy working that they fail to take time for themselves and look at the bigger picture. Some might realize that the job is not for them but they cannot, or will not try to change or they might really like their jobs but do not take a sick day. I feel that if one becomes less busy, then will they realize that the “real value” of work is based on their personal views about their own
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