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4.0 Material 2
Material 2 is also a video originated from YouTube. The video was posted by the username Bake and Make (2015) which was an instructional video on how to make the perfect and moist vanilla cake. The video starts with the baker introducing the ingredients to make the perfect vanilla cake such as eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla essence, four, milk and baking powder. After the ingredients were listed, the baker proceed to demonstrate the steps or methods in making the vanilla cake. 4.1 Support and Reasoning in Choosing Material 2
One of the main reasons why I have picked a baking video for the second material is because the language used in this video was pretty simple and students with lower level of proficiency can easily understand
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For the students who are intermediate and low in English proficiency can be guided by planning activities that are suitable for them and interesting. Teachers also needs to be smart in choosing materials that are in line with the English Language Curriculum and appropriate for the students. Furthermore, the materials needs to be a concept that are familiar to the students so that they are more interested in joining the activity and giving attention in the class. For example, cat videos are one of the most popular genre watched online because they are adorable, making people feel good and everybody can relate to it because many people are owning cats or used to own one. Same goes for the instructional cake-baking video where cake is one the most popular baked sweets in the world and in the end of the lesson, students also learn how to use the knowledge gained in the activity and applying it in real life or their future. Teachers also need to make sure that the activities chosen for the listening and speaking class are able to test the language ability and

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