Varicose Veins Research Paper

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Varicose Veins, is the common disease that many people are going through around the world. If the varicose veins end up in a serious situation, it might look a little bit disgusting and weird. It will look like a bent road coming out on the storybooks. As you read along, you will be able to know a lot about varicose veins and further out on from the varicose veins. Varicose vein is a disease that happens mainly on the legs when the valves in the veins are ruined and so the blood flows backward and the veins become twisted. As the veins become twisted, the veins may be swollen and aching and become painful. Artery sends the blood out to the body and the veins sends the blood back to the heart. The veins in the bottom leg part needs to send…show more content…
By squeezing it, it will help to push the blood to the heart. However, If the legs don’t move much, they will increase the chance of varicose veins. When varicose veins happen on the bottom side of the legs, there are some symptoms showing this disease. The first one is the spider shaped veins. The spider shaped veins are caused by the very slim veins close to the skin being extended. Another symptom happens when the vein’s valves are damaged and the blood flows backwards. The color of the veins are darker and they become swollen and stick out. It also causes pain. The problem of varicose veins are that it doesn’t look good on the aesthetic points of the person. Thus, there are much more patients who are women suffering varicose veins more than men so this will be a pretty big concern to them. However, there was a bigger problem to the ones with serious varicose veins that needs to have a surgery. The cost of the varicose vein’s surgery in america wasn’t a just a few 10 dollars. The range of the cost was about 600$ to 3000$ dollars. If the patients did not have any money to pay for their surgery, they had to suffer in pain without any treatment. There are different kinds of surgeries that we can apply to this situation however, since the cost of the surgeries are too expensive, I think that preventing the varicose veins on the first…show more content…
We can cure by using sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a kind of a surgery when we inject a kind of a hardening drug into the vein to close the extended vein. The drug hardens the veins and the varicose veins disappear. The negative points about this was that they leave scars and there are several situations where the patients can not have this surgery. On the other hand, the good points about this surgery is that it is not such a serious surgery and it can be done by patient feeling comfort and talking with their guardians. Thus, there won’t be much a aesthetic problem occuring through this
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