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Vasco Da Gama From an early stage, people have wanted to explore the world, navigate across the oceans, lands and discover countries that no one had heard about in the past. They wanted to change the future, bring back newly discovered goods to their countries and increase their wealth. The age of exploration commenced in the 1400s when Portuguese sailors went off into the Atlantic near the coast of Africa to try and discover a direct sea route to Asia, the land of wealth and spices. There are thousands of navigators from all around the world who changed our history, who changed the way we live. Vasco da Gama was one of those explorers. This Portuguese sailor was born in 1460 from a family of nobles in Sines. His father, Estevao, was a navigator…show more content…
Now married and father of six sons, da Gamma settle down for retirement and a beautiful family life. He was named Count of Vidigueira in 1519 and maintained contact with King Manuel. After Manuel’s death however, “da Gama was asked to return to India, in an effort to contend with the growing corruption from Portuguese officials in the country” according to ‘’. In 1524, he was named da Gamma Portuguese viceroy in India. Arriving in Cochin, he fell sick and died shortly after on December 1524 and his body was brought back to Portugal for burial in 1539. Vasco da Gamma accomplished so many things in his lifetime. He was one of the most important explorers of the world. He established trading posts in India and Mozambique; he discovered a direct sea route to Asia and much more. Explorers are the ones that we should be thanking. They discovered new places, new ways of travelling and direct routes to countries all around the world. They have established trading posts and improved the way we live
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