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Herbivores do not only take the form of animals, but humans as well. Veganism, “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” (The Vegan Society). When people think about a vegan lifestyle, the first question, assumption or judgment is based off their diet. The food choices of a vegan have risen, deep concern, and question regarding whether or not this lifestyle is healthy or not. Today the modern American is not vegan, but what is commonly known as a “meat-eater,” or more specifically an omnivore. It is widely known that eating meat comes with various positive and negative attributions. Though for non meat-eaters, where does their health state stand? Becoming vegan for one's health,…show more content…
Going vegan means, living longer, living safer, living slimmer and most importantly, living happier. Veganism promotes a healthy lifestyle. With modern advancements, it is much easier to take on this diet than any other history in time. Today, vegans are open to a series of delicious, artificial meats, which are often just tofu or vegetables. Nonetheless they taste relatively close to the usual animal product. Different supplement vitamins are now sold making it inexcusable for the majority not to join. Vegan burgers, vegan ice cream, scrambled tofu (remake of scrambled eggs) , you name and it can possibly exist. Humans no longer have to live like their barbaric ancestors. They have the chance to change, and live more superior by not eating animals. These life changing actions do not necessarily have to be sudden. Starting off small and becoming vegetarian is an amazing start. Vegetarians, are a less radical version of vegans. While they eliminate meat products, like chicken or meat, they still consume dairy products like, milk or cheese. The point is, it can be done. Veganism is the key to a healthier
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