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Vegetarianism is a dietary choice that widely accepted, though not widely practiced. Vegetarians eat vegetables, fruits and grains; instead of eating meat. There are several categories of vegetarianism. One of them is vegans, in addition to avoiding meat they also don’t eat any products that come from animals such as milk, cheese or honey. Also there are pescatarians who eat seafood but no other meat; and pollotarians, who eat poultry but no other meat. Some people can think that vegetarianism is a healthier way of life but vegetarianism doesn’t provide sufficient nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and has dubious benefits in terms of conservation and ecological management.
Initially vegetarians have greater risk for malnutrition. “While some believe that vegetarianism is a healthier dietary choice than eating meat, many vegetarians suffer from nutritional deficiencies.” (Duden) Most people who chose vegetarianism as their lifestyle, miss the necessary proteins so they may suffer from lack of important physical ailments. First of all they can’t consume enough protein from non-animal products, which may cause deprive of essential amino acids. Lots of vegetarians are at risk for having cholesterol and other serious health problems because
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“Even herbivorous animals eat insects to obtain vitamins that do not exist in plant matter.” (Driscoll) Strict vegetarians who try to live their lives just on a vegetable and fruit diet, are still relying on some microorganisms and bacteria which they can receive from the vegetarian food to ensure the important vitamins. Despite vegetarians can receive these vitamins from vegetables, with the help of some microorganisms, they still may suffer from lack of vitamin D. Most of the vitamin D comes from food of animal origin (meat, milk, cheese, etc.) According to scientists, most of the vegetarians may need vitamin D

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