Essay On Vehicle Safety

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Children and Vehicle Safety Driving down the road in a vehicle is a lot like getting on to a roller coaster. Except people do not get the “thrill factor” out of it because everyone has become accustomed to it. Vehicles can legally reach speeds of up to seventy miles per hour. Those speeds are dangerous and even fatal if the driver were to wreck. Everyday children are put into these vehicles and their safety depends solely on the adults that are either driving or in the car with them. The regulations created by the manufacturer of infant and toddler seats, and the laws create by our government are set in place to ensure the safety of children’s lives while riding in vehicles. There have been many discrepancies in the opinions of parents and law makers when it comes to babies being turned from rear facing car seats to forward facing car seats. In previous years the age that most parents turned the babies to forward facing was at age one. Many parents celebrate this day…show more content…
“During a crash, occupants will travel towards the point of impact, putting all the stress on the neck and spine. At that moment there are actually three impacts: the vehicle striking whatever it strikes, the body of the occupant being retained by the seat belt or harness, and then the internal organs striking the front of the inside of the body. When someone is rear facing, crashes two and three occur in concert and the forces of the crash are more equally diffused along the shell of the seat, holding the neck and spine in line.” (Csftl) If leaving a baby in a rear facing car seat for two years instead of one could save their lives during a car crash than all parents and care takers should comply with the law even if it makes traveling more
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