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Efficient Road Transport System of Vehicles using Wireless Sensor Communication

P.G. Student-Computer Science
Sri SaiRam Engineering College
Chennai,India Mrs. V HEMA
Assistant Professor- Computer Science
Sri SaiRam Engineering College

Abstract— The aim is to achieve enough accuracy to enable in vehicle cooperative collision warning. Systems that provide warnings to drivers based on information about the motions of neighbouring vehicles obtained by wireless communications from those vehicles. Data is obtained while driving in urban environments including stops, intersection turns, U-turns, lane changes at both low and high speeds. Vehicle position estimation for intelligent vehicles requires not only highly accurate position information but reliable and continuous information provision as
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Interaction among vehicles frequently causes congestion as well as bottlenecks in road capacity. In dense traffic, waves of traffic density propagate backward as drivers try to keep safe distances through frequent acceleration and deceleration. The vehicle driving system regulates safe intervehicle distance under the bounded driving torque condition by predicting the preceding traffic. It also focuses on alleviating the effect of braking on the vehicles that follow, which helps jamming waves attenuate to in the traffic. During the last decades, incessant efforts have been made to improve the efficiency of traffic control systems to meet ever-increasing traffic demands. This survey focuses on the control side and aims to highlight that the design philosophy for traffic control systems. It involves the wireless exchange of critical safety and operational data between moving vehicles and roadway infrastructure

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