Essay On Verbal Communication

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Verbal communication:
Verbal communication includes the ability of communicating in speech and by reading and writing. This type of nursery nurse should have the ability to diagnose children how to communicate effectively. It is important for children to communicate, to understand others and the ability to talk. The nursery nurse will read books as a way for children to learn new words and to find ways to use them in a sentence. It is important to use simple language as children don’t understand difficult or different words. It is also crucial to speak clearly as a way for children to understand every word that is being said. It is important to also show pictures in the book and to ask questions as a way to show if the children are understanding
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As children learn through play more effectively, pictures of animals or places can be used as a way for children to name. Maths problems ca be solved by using number bricks or by using objects. A nursery nurse will observe a child’s progress and record the information. If the child is younger play should be a way for a child to learn new words. Moreover, younger children should learn basic life skills such as how to dress themselves, how to clean up and so on. Maths problems can be converted into a musical form as a way for children to remember certain topics. Rhymes can also be used as a way to remember words.
Non-verbal communication:
A nursery nurse would likely use non-verbal. Non-verbal skills may be used to encourage children to behave moreover allows children to develop non-verbal skills. If the nursery nurse was struggling to get the nursery’s attention, he/she would use non-verbal skills. An example is a clapping rhythm. This is an effective way to understand if the children are listening to this command moreover, that they are paying attention to the changing rhythm. Non-verbal skills are the use of facial expressions, use of tone, eye contact, posture, observation and gestures. Children have
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