Cultivated Music Vs Vernacular Music

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Throughout history, people have always been drawn to all the different types of music. It moves people and gets them to feel all sorts of emotions, it connects people in ways nothing else can, and that is truly spectacular. Cultivated and vernacular music are very different types of music, Vernacular being native and cultivated being more modern, but can both bring out the same in emotions in someone. Music can be an escape to some people, a moment where they just get engulfed in the song and not worry about anything going on around them, people are moved by music in so many ways, it is inspiring and sends a message to anyone willing to listen. In these two concerts, it is about more than just sound, it is about a feeling, a feeling of joy, of awe, so many emotions run through one as they listen. Cultivated and Vernacular music are very different in…show more content…
They may be different different but the emotions you feel from the songs will stay the same. Music is so powerful and different kinds express themselves in different ways. Cultivated music can make you feel very deeply with all the classical instruments it uses. It is amazing how it can make you feel a certain way without having to say any words. On the other hand, vernacular can make you feel the same thing, but instead it uses words to connect, rather then just instruments. I know from personal experience that cultivated and vernacular music have made me feel very deeply, and both very lively and cheerful, it is all about how the music makes you feel. It can make two different people feel completely different things as well, it depends on the person. Cultivated and Vernacular music bring out emotions in people, sometimes emotions that they didn't even know they had, they make life a better more enjoyable place for anyone willing to
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