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Everyone has something so important to them that they are willing to sacrifice anything for. One eighth-grader strives to get her school’s traditional Veterans Day Ceremony back. Thirteen year old, Katelyn Kurovski found out three weeks ago that her school, Monticello Trails Middle School, might not be doing their traditional Veterans Day Ceremony for 2017. During class on October 30th, her teacher’s phone rang, and the principal of another school asked when their school was celebrating Veterans Day. The class broke out in questions when they overheard the teacher say that they had not seen anything on the calendar for Veterans Day. As questions were thrown around, the amount of hands raised slowly decreased. Many students wanted to know why their school wasn’t doing anything. Others were disappointed because they were planning to bring a veteran(s). After school, Kurovski and a few other students went to their teacher and wanted to know what they could do to get the school’s traditional ceremony back. While talking, they came up with some ideas to confront…show more content…
Upon that, she wanted to voice her opinion without feeling brushed off, so she made t-shirts. Fifty shirts arrived, and she handed them out to students who also wanted the traditional ceremony back. Kurovski said, “The shirts had gone out within probably three or four minutes.” She encouraged her peers to wear the shirts on the day MTMS was celebrating Veterans Day, the day they were also having a pep assembly. While the young lady voiced her, and other students, opinions, she had contacted four news stations on what was happening at her school, along with the school board and Superintendent. Fox4 KC, KMBC, KCTV 5, and KSHB were contacted, and on Monday, November 6, the same day she handed out her shirts, Kurovski was interviewed by Fox4

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