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Veteran United Home Loans Introduction The Veteran United Home Loans was found in 2002 as private financial services and insurance and is the 27th out of 100 best companies to work for according to Fortune (2017); it is one of the nation’s largest private lenders that provides loans to military veterans and their families ( The value of Veterans United Home Loans offers the best, quality customer service in various ways; they strive to be the best provider of VA mortgages as a resource to military veteran homebuyers and their families, so their services can be recognized as valuable and unique to further maintain the leadership in the Veteran Administration (VA) Loan industry. In…show more content…
Recruiting & hiring military veterans and their spouses is recognized by the Military Friendly Employer® award and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership ( Furthermore, Veteran United Home Loans are passionate about creating an environment where employees deliver results through their unique skills, background and perspective. The company also has a Diversity Awareness Committee that strives to build a culture where respect is a standard, not an objective so employees feel comfortable in their own race. Loreli Wilson, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion stated “I want our employees to feel valued, respected, accepted and supported. “( The full-time job growth is 21% with 9% full-time voluntary turnover. The total number of job applicants is 12,946 with an average number of applicant per opening is 53; the jobs filled internally is 177 while 33% are filled by referral ( Compensation and…show more content…
Performance evaluation and training The performance evaluation and trainings are monitored by quality experts with outstanding leadership. According to the website, the six executive positions are responsible for the performance of employees they supervise and they are key to performance evaluation and Training. “The specialists are industry-leading experts in VA home mortgages and they undergo extensive training on VA eligibility and the loan process” ( Conclusion In 2017, employees rated United Veteran Home Loan at 97% that it is a great place to work and other rating were; great challenges at 96% with 86% often or almost always and 10% sometimes, great atmosphere at 99% with 95% often or almost always and 4% sometimes, great rewards at 97% with 90% often or almost always and 7% sometimes, great pride at 99% with 95% often or almost always and 4% sometimes, great communication 97% with 89% often or almost always and 8% sometimes, and finally great bosses at 96% with 88% often or almost always and 8% sometimes ( In conclusion and according to the survey, the work atmosphere and having great pride is high in percentage and is meaningful to United Veteran

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