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Do you love spending time with animals, but more importantly, would like to keep them healthy? Would you like to assist a veterinarian with the tasks of running medical tests as well as feeding and grooming the animals? If so, studying veterinary assisting and technology offers a great way to learn all the basic skills that are required to be qualified for this kind of work. It can be an important first step for anyone interested in becoming a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant and work in an industry where you care for animals. When working in this industry you’ll not only be dealing with animals, but also their owners, in order to deliver a vital and much appreciated service.

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When employed in this sector your duties will depend on whether you are working as a veterinary assistant or veterinary technician. Veterinary technicians tend to assist the veterinarians directly with tasks such as surgeries or routine examinations. They might also be required to administer medication, conduct lab test and work with technology, such as X-ray machines, in order to diagnose animals. In the event of emergencies or if the veterinarian is not present, a veterinary technician might be required to treat small wounds or injuries.

Veterinary assistants on the other hand usually perform tasks such as weighing animals, checking their vital signs and gathering information about pets from their owners. Assistants might also be tasked with keeping animals calm while the veterinarian exams them. Additional duties often include exercising animals, such as cats and dogs, that stay at a clinic to recover, as well as feeding animals and keeping their cages clean. Due to the fact that many clinics operate day and night, being employed in this industry means that you might have to work at night, over weekends and during

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