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The career I want to pursue is a veterinarian. A veterinarian is someone who takes care of animals who are injured or have a disease. In this field, you will work with a lot of people and a lot of animals. To become a veterinarian you need to go to a four year college, then go to a four year veterinary medicine school. The college I would like to go to is UC Davis. I would like to go to that college because it has an excellent veterinary program. I would be a good veterinarian because I grew up with animals and grew to love them. This would be a good career for me because I always wanted to work with animals, and want to have good problem solving skills.

The veterinary profession was first discovered in 3000 BC, in Mesopotamia by Ulrulgaledinna. He was considered the expert of animals. Some people say that the veterinary profession actually started in 1761 and not in 3000 BC because that is when Claude Bourgelat made a school in Lyon, France. It was because Claude witnessed,“ ...the devastation caused by a cattle plague that Bourgelat decided to devote his life to finding out why.” (Live It Out Loud). He wanted to know how to
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The high school courses I need are math, science, and biology. The college courses I need to take for the major animal science are general animal science, and animal nutrition, equine care and management, animal breeding, and laboratory animal science. I need to pass all of those classes. The skills necessary for this field is are reading comprehension, speaking, complex problem solving, active listening, and writing. These skills are important to this field because you might be in a critical situation where you have to act fast or you might lose a life. You have to be able to be clear with the client and make sure you said everything you need to without leaving the customer
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