Essay On Veterinary Medicine

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Did you know that that 77 percent of vets that work at a private clinic treat everyday pets, according to American Veterinary Medical Association that is. The veterinarian field is full of different careers, and each of those jobs does unique things with unique requirements. There was evidence that veterinary medicine started around the 16th century when “ The Indians of North America...captured progeny of horses and cattle...and their animals received only the most primitive veterinary care.”(Smithcors, J. F. "Veterinary Medicine." 2003, pp.318-320)but it gained significant recognition in the 1600’s. The art has been around for hundreds of years, but there is no single person that started it. People in this career need to have a Doctoral or Professional Degree and have an interest in health and biology. To become a veterinarian, you will need to have skills or interests in health, biology, math, science, and, of course, animals. According to Kristin B. Mallegg and Joseph Palmisano (2014, pp. 145-149), “Examine animals to diagnose their health problems, Treat…show more content…
To become a veterinarian you will need to go to a specialized veterinarian college, take many science classes (zoology,microbiology, chemistry, etc.), and above all have an interest in this type of field. This career is a very important career, especially since the need for vets has been growing for a while now. This job helps sick animals, weather it be small mice or a big bull, and this proves to really help the people and the society by helping sick produce animals become well again, and help them produce more. The career offers pros and cons, it offers a chance to help injured animals and other peoples peace of mind, but there can be a lot of stress and sadness in the career. Overall the veterinary field seems to be a great choice for those who want to help and be close to animals, not to mention it can be very
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