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Introduction Vibration is probably the most prominently considered secondary signal. Vibration is simply the motion of a machine or machine part back and forth from its position of rest. Amongst the different condition monitoring techniques, Vibration analysis is one of the most significant for health monitoring and powerful information source for estimation of technical condition of rotating equipment. The simplest method of detecting any abnormality with the machine is to look for the change in vibration pattern and level. Dedicated software and skill development of maintenance personal are accruing benefits of vibration analysis. The advantages include ease of operation for recording and transferring data, accuracy in handling data for diagnosis…show more content…
• Crest Factor: The ratio of peak to RMS value is known as crest factor. CF= x_max/x_rms Vibration measurement To be able to measure vibration of a machine, it is necessary to have some measuring instruments. In practice, various tools are used, from simple instruments measuring overall vibration to multichannel analyzers equipped with numerous features which facilitate not only the measurement itself but also help in the analysis of the measured data. Analyzer Basic scheme of the analyzer used for vibration measurements is shown in fig. The analogue signal from the vibration sensor passes through the input amplifier, anti-aliasing filter and A/D converter, where it is digitized and enters the data buffer. From the buffer it can be displayed either as a time waveform or frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum is obtained by processing of time waveform signal by the Fourier transform. Fig- Vibration Analyzer Scheme Vibration Transducers Any of the three quantities describing the vibratory motion can be measured. Depending on the measured quantity, sensors are divided into three

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