Essay On Victor The Titan In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Victor the Titan
In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, an inquisitive scientist challenges nature by creating a new species. Through the use of organic resources and natural philosophy, Victor Frankenstein constructs a human-like being. Mirroring the scientist, Prometheus curiously strives to improve the human population by seeking knowledge and enlightenment. Both heros, one tragic and the other romantic, experience growth and endurance throughout their journeys. A modern version of Prometheus, Frankenstein aspires to create life but must suffer the consequences.
Both Victor and the titan surround themselves with knowledge and science, in hopes of inventing a new entity. Isolated from society, Victor spends two years of his life working in a laboratory to structure a human companion.
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Victor fails to build a being similar to that of his own because of his flawed mentality, limiting
Hakimian 3 the protagonist from recognizing the many treasures in his life. Likewise, Prometheus fails to accept his accomplishments and seeks to achieve more. The Titan abuses his powers by choosing to steal, justifying his actions by claiming to benefit humanity in the long run. The God of the sky seeks revenge on Prometheus by ordering eagles to tear open his stomach and feed off his liver. Though unaware at first, Prometheus and Victor become familiar with their fate. Both texts portray the experiences that cause the characters to accept their destiny. Science and nature consume both creators, making them only want to continue creating more and more. By cheating themselves and being unappreciative, both characters suffer greatly. Influenced by the creature,
Victor suffers emotionally and therefore must die. The Titan endures a different kind of pain involving physical harm. In the end, Victor and Prometheus give up hope for the future and begin understanding the true result of their
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