Essay On Video Game Addiction

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Video game addiction on male’s college performance. Purpose: To find a pattern of video games among male college students and examine how video game addiction is related to college engagement, grade point average, and on-campus drug and alcohol violations and to evaluate a revised version of the Video Game Addiction Scale.
There were 477 males that were first year students. Video games are played by people the ages 2-17 and majority of them are Americans. Males are more common to play video games and they prefer violent and explicit content. The consequences of violent video games are: increased aggressive behaviors, cognitions, decreased empathy and prosocial behavior. The positive benefits are: improved spatial reasoning, attention and management of emotional moods. Pathological gaming increases loneliness and displace real world social interaction. In a survey 245 students were randomly selected from five postsecondary institutions in New York, the researcher found that video games increased SAT scores, and decreased the GPA. Males show lower levels of engagement than females, spending less time and effort studying or engaging.
Researchers first assessed the time spent playing and the types of games played in a cohort in new entering male collect students. Second, their relationship between video game addiction, participants’ expectations regarding college engagement, participants’ academic performance (GPA), participants’ conduct with the number of alcohol and drug
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