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Many people had live in peace and forgot about those people who sacrifices their lives to protect the nation from enemies and other threats. As paying tribute and respects to those who had been fallen during wars the two artists Maya Ying Lin and Jane Hammond had created two meaningful artworks. Maya Ying Lin’s proposal was selected after graduated as an architecture graduated from Yale, the Vietnam Memorial was established on November 3, 1982, it descended below the earth level in a big V, it is about 492 feet in length and made with polished black granite. Jane Hammond created an artwork name Fallen, it is an archival digital inkjet prints on archival paper, created from 2004 and ongoing till today, it is 11 x 154 x 89 inches and located…show more content…
The wall was created in a giant V shape in polished black granite about 10 feet high, made up of two 246 feet long wall. The wall was completed in 1982 and maintained by the United States Nation Park Service, there is an estimate around three million visitors every year. The back of the memorial wall sunk into the wall described as the wound had been closed and healing. The body of the wall is filled with servicemen’s names that had been killed or been missing during the war when the wall was built. The name of the soldiers been listed in chronological order, the names of who died in action are noted with a diamond and the one were missing are noted with a cross, if the death of someone that was missing is confirmed a diamond will be superimposed over the cross. The wall was made with polished black granite for the purpose when the visitor looks upon the wall, they can see their reflection with the engraved names on the wall which symbolized bring the present and the past together. In case of the visitor is someone is related to one of the soldier name they can see his or her reflection as the other person is standing behind the wall reaching to him or

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