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Vietnam War veterans represented 9.7% of their generation, and nearly half of the homeless veteran rate fought in Vietnam. The brave men and women that fought in this gruesome conflict signed their life to the federal government to protect and serve this great and powerful nation, and in return there were nothing but hateful, cruel acts towards them, such as called names like “baby-killers” or “murderers”, and even being spit on and trash thrown at them. Let alone the verbal and physical abuse, what made matters worse was that veterans couldn’t find work, after all the training, the experience, no one wanted them, which led most veterans to depression, anxiety and drug and alcohol use, because they felt like they couldn’t do what they had to do to support their family. However, would the homeless, drug and alcohol usage, and unemployment percentages be lower if America actually welcomed them home? These are the hardships Vietnam veterans had to go through when they came home, as heard from Wellston City Council Member and Airman Doug Wright, and what would be different if America wasn’t so hateful towards them and welcomed home the way they should’ve been. On March 8th, 1965, America joined the…show more content…
The training, the experience, the state-of-the art military grade equipment they used, still, wanted by no one. Along with no job, these soldiers had to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(also known as PTSD, most of them untreated because it was a new diagnosis, and most people didn’t really want to talk about it), and they felt like they couldn’t support their family like they thought they could. Mr. Wright gave this quote; “Yeah, it was hard, it felt like no one wanted me, I can’t remember how many times I called up at the VA office to complain about a job, but after screamin’ and yellin’, I finally got what I

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