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Give a brief description of the main features of the Viking expansion – raiding and trading routes, major settlements and conquests and discuss the different images of Vikings as traders and raiders and why the expansion stopped. Main features Viking expansion Main features of the Viking expansion are raiding, trading and colonisation. The geographical core area of the Vikings is present-day Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Viking expansion started in 793 with the first raid and ended around 1050. The division of the geographical core area is important, because this division also separates Vikings in the way took part in the expansion Norwegians travelled west- and southwest to colonise. The Danes went southwest for their conquests and the Swedes proceeded east- and south-eastward for their raiding and trading. Raiding and trading routes Raiding and trading…show more content…
In Icelandic law her obligations were completely bound to the homestead, where she had most power, symbolized by the keys on her sash. She couldn't speak outside the farm and was avoided from public life, however she was included in all family business. It was to her responsibility and greatest achievement to see that the honor of the family was maintained. In marriage the genders had generally characterized, different parts, however widows and women who were unmarried or had no close male family were capable, or expected, to accept a percentage of the obligations that was regularly men's. Some women were profoundly respected, whether as representatives of effective families, or for their age, intelligence and wisdom. There is no evidence that women' capacities were questioned in the pre-Christian period, and their relationship with wisdom and enchantment was outstanding. Their connections with both nature and the otherworldly were a wellspring of

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