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Around the years 800 A.D. Scandinavians left their homes in search for a better life elsewhere in large numbers. They were soon known as the famous Vikings or Norsemen (Northmen). Over a few centuries these men were known as killers, pirates, ruthless, raiders, traders, and finally settled in much of the European and British continent. The Vikings were not same people and all came from different lands and so called uncivilized places so they were uncivilized people. The Vikings also could not understand the current people of that days society or language and also were not Christian which was the biggest factor. The Vikings often raided religious places like monasteries. Reasons why is because most often the monasteries were unguarded and…show more content…
The head leader of a shipyard was called a shipwright. The shipwright would be in charge of the group workers which built bigger ships. The smaller ships would be built just by single man. The bigger ships would be built on stocks which they would be left on after they were built. All the workers would be split up to help with fallen wood, some would help shape it, some would help make nails, and the others would help carry the timber. The most skilled workers would work on keel, stem and stern. The Vikings started getting taken over by English armies in the 10th century by the descended Alfred of Wessex. He began conquering some of the Scandinavians home territories in England first. Then the last Scandinavian King Erik Bloodaxe was expelled and killed around 952. This permanently untied the English back into one kingdom. Although all the Vikings territories were over taken and most of them got killed, the ones who survived began getting back together. They then started to plot and raid places as far into England as Paris and Orleans in 842. The Vikings were the first people to largely populate the island Iceland and even in Greenland. Some believe that the Viking hero Leif Eriksson was perhaps one of the first Europeans to discover North

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