Essay On Violence Against Women In Thimphu

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Violence against women in Thimphu
In the early days women were mistreated by their husbands due to lack of education and were considered as the angel of the house where they are compiled to do the house hold chores. In Bhutan violence against women is increasing even though there are various organizations helping the women.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Domestic violence refers to all kind of violence that occurs within the four walls of a house. Most commonly, a wife is the victim of her husband when actually it can happen between or among the parents and children. Violence here doesn’t necessarily mean physical violence; it refers to violence of all type, and whether it verbal or mental. Being a victim can not only have physical pain
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The violence against women is a defilement of human rights. The violence has affect both on the victim, children and other members of the family. Amongst rural women, 72 percent believe that a man is justified for beating his wife or partner for any one of the reasons that is neglecting children, going out without telling him, arguing with him, refusing sex and burning food, which is somewhat very silly reason for the violence against women (Unknown,2015). Sonam Yangdon, a civil servant, said that violence against woman and girls is a violation of human rights, a public health epidemic and a barrier against solving global challenges such as extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and conflicts (Rinzin, 2014). She also said that violence against women destroy the lives of millions of women and girls. To tackle the problem of violence against women country started providing women with access to legal representation and opportunities to pursue justice against the violence through legal system. Not only that country even promotes gender equality in schools and even widens access to education for girls and the country even end force on early marriage and premature

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