Essay On Violence Against Women

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Research studies have showed that from 35 % to 75% of women in India face verbal, physical, or sexual violence from their spouses or other men known to them (Jejeebhoy,1998). Violence against women is a very delicate issue in a social context and specially in India where they have a special place for family honour is given. Any act which affects the family honour is not tolerated and very strongly looked down. So, the acts of violence are rarely talked out of the family and its close margins. Violence against women is extensive and is the cruelest social instruments to oppress women. Unequal power disparity has resulted in discrimination against women. Violence against women in India develops even before birth and early life, married life through domestic violence, rape, murder, dowry death etc.
Today, gender-based violence (GBV) is one of the most prevalent violations of human rights and public health problems in the world, affecting as many as 1 out of every 3 women. It is also an indicator of gender
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The issue of violence against women appeared in the front from the early 80s onwards. The subject was extensively discussed and promoted due to constant efforts of woman organization and activists. Violence against women can be categorized as (Urmila, 2014): 1.3.1 Violence within the family:
Wife beating and battering, incest at all stages of a life of women, dowry deaths, sexual abuse of female children, alcoholism, female feticide and infanticide, unwanted pregnancy, influence of patriarchal values, authority and control within family, cultural reasons. 1.3.2 Violence within community or society at large
Sexual harassment, molestation and pressure at work, kidnapping, sexual abuse, rape, stripping and shaming women, non-spousal violence, trafficking, involuntary prostitution, caste and community violence, feminization of poverty.

1.3.3 Violence in difficult circumstances; like
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