Essay On Violence In Media

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Media plays a tremendous role in children’s everyday life and for many years concerns have been raised on the influences of media. Violence in media is one of the most crucial problems facing the world today. Many studies and researches on violence through television, video games, internet and others have shown convincing correlation between exposure to media violence and children violent attitudes or behaviors. As many children rely on media as source of entertainment or hobby, they are more likely to be influenced by the violence they watch through some programs that can desensitize them to aggressive behaviors. Parents have to be a dominant force in dealing with the problem by controlling the quality and amount of information or content…show more content…
The most important question is whether children being exposed to media violence really does reflect in their behavior. Recent studies have stated that there is no correlation between media violence and children’s aggressive behavior. The American Medical Association quoted; ‘Media violence affects children’s behavior’ this can be explained by the learning approach, (Beresin, 2012). There are hundreds of shows which constantly show violence such as wrestling, in which kids are attracted to.
The learning approach would state that the main reason that children are liable media violence is that they have learnt it through observing and imitating. Social learning theory says that for children to learn, two things have to happen; observation and imitation. The process is called modeling. The child must be motivated to imitate the behavior, otherwise it won’t be reinforced.
The theory can be applied to media violence as the child observes the violence and is motivated by the fact that they are enjoying the show. Some violence may be consequence in being rewarded. The children will also want to be rewarded so they will copy the behavior they see. This is called vicarious reinforcement. Also if the violence is committed by an attractive or heroic person, the child will identify with them and the affect will be
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