Essay On Violence In Rap Music

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violence in rap music. Although many people object to violence in rap, the lyrics are simply a Do you believe that the lyrics in rap music influences the violence in the ghetto today? Our opinions may be different, but I feel as if I can change your mind about how you view manifestation of the violence that goes on in the streets and neighborhoods of America. Rap music is merely a reflection of its environment, and must not be pinpointed as the root of increasing violence in american society. (salem) I feel like this is so true in so many different ways. Rap music is usually influenced by the person's life, such as things they have been through and experienced growing up. This is what they know and this is all they have seen throughout their…show more content…
When people are violent, it has a lot to do with their family, their upbringing and their surroundings. People take things in different ways, but videos themselves don't cause violence." (`Hay) Here again the music does not create the problem, the problem creates the music. (salem) A lot of people don't take into consideration the pressure that kids in the ghetto are in. Brown 2 Sometimes it's hard to go to school believe it or not because the people in the household are always pressuring you to bring money into the household. You feel obligated to go out and find a way to bring money into the house to make ends meet. You would think that your family would want you to go to school but no, that's not always the case and thats kinda sad. In most black households the children has to be an asset financially in order to remain in the household otherwise, your deemed as useless. So instead of being able to get ahead you stuck doing jobs and things you don’t want just to support a household that doesn’t support you. On the other hand, rap artists manage to keep the ugly images of reality--beatings, brutality, and disrespect--on the airwaves of the public domain rather than doing as the
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