Essay On Violence In The 20th Century

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The 20th century labelled, “the most violent century in human history” (golding).
To explain the violence of the 20th century if one must look at all events of the intentionally harm done to others. This includes the violence caused by the two hundred and fifty-six wars inluding World War One and two, The Vietnam War, The Cold War which where almost 108 milion human lives have persihed and others haunted by the gruesome details that occurred during these events. One must also look at the the violence caused by seven genocides including the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide and Rwandan Genocide which killed eighteen million people. We can also state the millions of deaths caused by famine and disease. However, these events are caused by nature
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A great example of this would be Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin who were both political leaders of their countries, Germany and Russia and wanted greatness for their countries and arguably for themselves as well. Both countries did become recognisable super powers. However, it did not last long as the negative effects on the citizens within unfortunately outweighed the the shortlived greatness of both countries. These dictators had similar idealistics and the punishment was heavy for those who opposed their opinions or ideas, it sometimes ended in death or exilement to concentration camps. Each dictator had a strong belief that their vision for their country was the best one. For instance, Hitler believed in ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ a community formed of racially pure people, typically full-blooded German people and anyone who did not fit into this idealistic such as Gypsies, Jews, Disabled People and other minorities -living in Germany- were either killed or sent to concentration camps to work to their death. Throughout Hitlers total dictactorship 11 million people were killed, 6 million of which were
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