Essay On Violent Video Games Cause Violence

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Violent Video Games Cause Violence Does playing and watching violent video games add to violence in our society? This is a question that many are asking today as a result of the increase in gun violence. Playing violent video games causes aggression, as seen in examples of kids hurting each other, kids being rude to one another, and increases in the diagnosis of depression. Playing violent video games can take advantage of a person. An example of this is “15-year-old boy shot two fellow students, killing one and critically wounding another. Guess what video game he obsessively played, according to neighbors with whom I have spoken? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” (Thompson). This is one example of one kid hurting and killing their peers. This violence has been going on for a while, and it is…show more content…
Not only do kids disrespect their peers, they disrespect their parents, teachers and elders. “Reviews in 1998 showed that 21% of games involved some level of violence towards women and that 28% of them treated women as nothing more than sex objects” (Anderson, Dave). This is a huge number because so many kids play these games. Games like the one they did the study on teach those who play them that it is ok to mistreat women. This is very wrong and disturbing to know that this is happening. It contributes to the existing stereotypes and misogynistic tendencies of many men and boys today. “Tests on the impact of playing violent games show that those who play them are significantly less likely to want to help others while children who play video games with a violent element to them are significantly less moral than their peers.” (Anderson, Dave). This is an example of kids being rude to each other. They feel justified in their negative actions and continue the game play attitude into their real world interactions. Being rude can change a person's mood and it may get worse after playing these types of
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