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Many children in our living community prefer electronic video games. Violent video games which contain violence, destruction and bad conversations affect them in their Mettle, personality and their dealing with people. Also violent video games can make them growing in a bad way, so that it will have a significant impact on them in youth and old age. Children may arise having instinct of violence, beating and revenge towards others. However, these games are becoming increasingly spread in a big way which makes children attract to widely. However, some parents do not care about this problem because they believe it does not affect them. It is only just a game for enjoying which children spend their free time on it and then finish it without…show more content…
Violent video games have a many serious effects on children such as increase level of stress and aggression. Also it has a bad effect on society causing increase in fights and violence leading to lack in security and safety. Violent Video games cause problems in personality of children and make its behavior more aggressive towards people. References Gibson, B. (2000, January 1). Video games and aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior in the laboratory and in life. Retrieved from Layton, A. (1972). Violent video games can turn kids into progressive intellectuals. American Psychologists, 25-27. Retrieved from Macrae, F. (2014). Violent video games can turn kiviolent video games leave teenagers’morally immatureds into progressive intellectuals. American Psychologists, 295, 77-78. Kahneman,D.(2000). Media violence and the American Public revisited. American Psychologist,57,448-450 Battele, B. (1999). Media violence and societal violence In. J.braynt & D.zillmann,eds(pp. 61-90). Erlbaum:

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