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CHAPTER 1 PREAMBLE 1.1 INTRODUCTION Visible light is the form in which electromagnetic radiation with wave lengths in a particular range is interpreted by the human brain. Visible light is thus by definition comprised of visually-perceivable electromagnetic waves. The visible spectrum covers wave lengths from 380 nm to 750 nm. All electromagnetic radiation is light, but only small portion of this radiation can be interpreted by the human – this portion is call as visible light. Visible light covers from violet with shortest wavelength, at around 380nm, and up to red with longest wavelength, at around 750 nanometers. Fig 1.1: Visible Spectrum Showing Wavelength The…show more content…
The program is stored in ROM (read-only memory) and generally does not change. Microcontrollers are often low-power devices. A desktop computer is almost always plugged into a wall socket and might consume 50 watts of electricity. A battery-operated microcontroller might consume 50 mill watts. A microcontroller has a dedicated input device and frequently (but not always) has a little LED or LCD display for output. A microcontroller additionally takes information from the device it is controlling and controls the device by sending signals to distinctive components in the device. A microcontroller is regularly little and minimal effort. The segments are decided to minimize size and to be as inexpensive as possible. A microcontroller is regularly, but not always, ruggedized somehow. The microcontroller controlling an car's engine, for example, needs to work in temperature extremes that a typical computer generally cannot handle. An car's microcontroller in Kashmir districts needs to work fine in -30 degree F (-34 C) climate, while the same microcontroller in Gujarat district may be working at 120 degrees F (49 C). When you include the warmth normally created by the engine, the temperature can go as high as 150 or 180 degrees F (65-80 C) in the engine compartment. Then again, a microcontroller embedded inside a VCR hasn't been ruggedized at
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